Invite your team to The Virtual Speakeasy

A new virtual event for teams of all sizes. Explore and discover virtual delights, secrets, hidden rooms. With curiosities around every corner and fully interactive moments of magic, music, improvisation, The Virtual Speakeasy provides an unforgettable virtual corporate experience.

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Trusted to craft world-class experiences by the world’s top teams.

Step through a grandfather clock and into a world of magic.

Interact with flappers, floozies, gangsters, and bootleggers during a “choose-your-own-adventure” immersive experience full of extravagance and spectacle. Enjoy a handcrafted speakeasy cocktail lesson filled with history of the prohibition, have your mind read by our house illusionist, slip into the bar and tap your feet to our house jazz band, or have a conversation with the various characters around every corner.

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Hidden passageways and secrets to discover.

Based with a main act and a time to explore, The Virtual Speakeasy is a choose-your-own adventure of mysterious delights and fun virtual adventures to find with your team.

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Virtual Memories to keep forever.

A virtual experience to remember. The Virtual Speakeasy was created to slow down time and create an experience that people will want to remember in a year that many would like to forget. 

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1. Book your time

Find an hour where your whole team can get together. Schedule the meeting and invite your team with our supplied Zoom Meeting. If you have another preferred platform, or need to be on your corporate account, we can work together to make the show work.

2. Log in 0-5 minutes before the experience begins

The show opens with an introduction that reveals some important information and the secret website address that will be your way to explore different rooms in our speakeasy.

3. Enjoy your group interactive experience

After the welcome, your team will enjoy one of our group experiences, either mentalism and mesmerism by our house illusionist, or Prohibition Cocktails with our Historian-Bartender, or Dance Lessons. Whichever you choose, this part will last approximately 35 minutes, and we are happy to highlight featured guests.

4. Explore and discover

What hides behind secret doors and bookshelf passages? Hidden games, characters, vaudeville acts, a poet, and our house jazz band may be lurking in different rooms. Part 4 is a choose-your-own-adventure where guests explore and discover all the mysterious delights our speakeasy has to offer.

5. Closing time

A few minutes before the hour, unfortunately, we get a call from the coppers and our virtual speakeasy has to come to a close. We will bring your team back to the main room, thank everyone for joining, and see you next time.

6. Post Show

Receive an email with a thank you, shareable video recap, plus photos from your experience and our photo booth to share with your team.

“The Speakeasy is everything I love about San Francisco.”

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The Virtual Speakeasy is the best way to say thank you to your team, celebrate a milestone, or spice up your next virtual culture hour.